Quy cách đóng gói: 100 ml, 1 lit, 5 lit,

Tính năng: Thuốc kháng sinh điều trị cho gia súc, gia cầm, thủy cầm

Thương hiệu: BIOVET

Nguồn gốc xuất xứ: Việt Nam

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Amoxicillin trihydrate……15 000 mg
Special solvent….100 ml

Amoxicillin is broad spectrum semi-synthetic penicillin with bactericidal activity against a wide range of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria including the following:
Gram-negative: Actinobacillus lignieresi ; Bordetella bronchiseptica, Escherichia coli (non β- lactamase producing strains), Corynebacterium spp.; Fusobacterium spp.; Haemophilus spp.; Moraxella spp.; Pasteurella spp.; Proteus mirabilis (non β-lactamase producing strains); Salmonella spp.
Gram-positive: Bacillus anthracis; Clostridium spp.; Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae ; streptococci; staphylococci (non β-lactamase producing strains).
Bacterial infections in cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dogs and cats caused by microorganisms susceptible to amoxicillin.


For intramuscular injection in cattle, sheep, goats and pigs. For subcutaneous injection in dogs and cats. Recommended dose: 1 ml per 20 – 25 kg
If required, repeat after 2 days.
Shake well before use and always administer aseptically.
The dose volume should not exceed 20 ml in cattle, 10 ml in swine, 5 ml in sheep and goats at any one injection side.
To avoid underdosing, the body weight of the animals should be determined with accuracy.
– Do not use for animals sensitive to the ingredients of the drug, animals with impaired liver function.
– Do not use for rabbits and hamsters

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